Who is Ronaldinho? For millions of football fanatics, he is an adoring idol, whose very name brings awe and invokes respect and admiration to this twenty-seven-year-old Brazilian footballer. He is an attacking mid-fielder and plays his game in a thrilling way. His dazzling samba-like dance moments around the ball, his defense-smashing passes, the stunning free kicks and those lovely overhead shots that sends the ball reeling into the goal post have all fascinated and hypnotized millions of football lovers around the world. 
When the ball comes to him or when he moves around the ball the adrenaline in spectators rushes to their cheeks in expectation that something dramatic is going to take place. Everything happens in a split-second and then the inevitable beaming big grin baring his buckteeth make him all the more endearing to his fans around the world. This is Ronaldinho for you. This is how he plays his game wearing that disarming smile all through the game. He is a delight to watch. There are some die-hard fans who just cannot imagine a football game without Ronaldinho.