When Ronaldinho was criticized in the media for his lackluster performance in 2006 World Cup events, not many of his die hard fans took notice of the criticism and thought that losing or winning was all part of the game. But when the Sun magazine exploded with the news that Ronaldinho during World Cup events was sneaking out of his hotel room each night and having wild flings with his girlfriend Alexandra Paressant, the world of football couldn’t just digest it. While the so-called investigative journalists jumped into the fray to find out the truth his fans wondered how could the romantic nights have gone unnoticed by the hot-on-heels paparazzi. 

Interestingly Josh Robertson, the editor of the dashing ‘Playboy’ magazine has come out with a stunner. His strenuous investigation led him to believe that it is all fake. He has pored over thousands of photographs while looking into the wives and girlfriends of soccer players during 2006 World Cup events and thoroughly looked into the issue. He finally concluded saying, “There’s no competent news story I can find tying Ronaldinho to Alexandra Paressant. (The Sun doesn’t say how its interview with her came about — she probably just called the paper up and asked to talk to a reporter.)”

In spite of all this, the debate still rages on, whether Ronaldinho had romantic flings with Alexandra Paressant. Only Ronaldinho could tell the truth since the ball is in his court.