Ronaldinho might not look as handsome as David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo, yet he knows pretty well how to charm his way to the women’s hearts. This dazzling footballer from

Brazil has surprisingly failed to perform in 2006 FIFA World Cup events. His miserable performance in the events has led to the speculations in the media that each and every night during World Cup matches, the Brazilian star has been wildly romancing his girlfriend, Alexandra Paressant, a French model. The news hit like a B-52 bomber, when sun magazine exploded the news. The Sun magazine interestingly published an interview with his alleged girlfriend Alexandra Paressant, who claimed that the Brazilian star used to sneak out of his hotel room during nights and romp with her in bed all through the night. She said, “so nearly every night he would come to my hotel room and we would make love all night. Sometimes we didn’t even make it into the room, we would make love there and then in the corridor. We are mad for each other.”