Ronaldinho’s poor performance in the world cup came under severe flak from all quarters and was even attributed reasons for his awful show. He was accused of late night parties and hot romances with the alleged French model, Alexandra Paressant. In fact in the Sun magazine interview, Alexandra Paressant spilled out the beans much to the consternation of Ronaldinho. The sexy model gave juicy details about their all-night flings in the bed like how he used to sneak out of his hotel rooms and come running to her for romping in the bed.

More than his miserable performance in the World Cup, the interview has caused much heartburn for this magnificent midfielder. In order to clear his name and come clean out of this muck, Ronaldinho decided to sue Alexandra Paressant. He said, “I am very sad to see all these stories about me in the media. Those are nothing but false information about by personal life and about an assumed relationship that could have affected my play during the World Cup. My lawyers will start the suing procedures against Miss Paressant so that my name could be cleared.”

Now it is to be seen whether Alexandra Paressant will defend her statements made in the Sun magazine or soon face the legal wrath initiated by Ronaldinho. Only time will tell.