Ronaldinho the ace midfielder and once an icon of the football game worshipped by millions, is now left all alone to weep at his own demise.

Considered as the greatest footballer in the world Ronaldinho gave some breathtaking performances on the field leading his team to glorious wins. He spurred Barcelona FC to win two La Ligas and the Champions League.

Sadly the Barcelona superstar lost his magical touch and produced some of his all-time worst performances in the year gone by. This led his Barcelona fans to lose hope in him and they began booing and heckling him while he was playing.

Besides his poor show and physical injuries his love for the late night club life too sounded the death knell to his football career. Once an idol and icon in the world of football, today Ronaldinho is no longer worshipped or loved by his millions of fans. Even critics has written him off saying that he would never return to his best form and capture his glorious days.

Today what Ronaldinho needs is a miracle; a miracle that would bring back all his glorious days in football. That miracle, according to his millions of fans, is hidden in his steely resolve to plunge back into the game with vengeance and a determination to score goals and goals but nothing else.