The Spaniards would be greatly delighted to have Brazilian’s ace midfielder, Ronaldinho in their midst as their own kith and kin with Spanish citizenship being conferred on him. Brazilian dazzling footballer is soon going to receive his Spanish passport that bestows on him the dual Spanish nationality.

The Spanish Football league or La Liga is allowed to recruit only three non-European members under Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) rules. These three berths were already occupied by Mexican forward Giovanni dos Santos along with the Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o and Cote d’Ivoire midfielder Yaya Toure.

Now to accommodate this Brazilian ace midfielder, it would not be wise to drop any of these three players and is also not possible legally. The only avenue available to solve this Ronaldinho riddle is to bestow the dual Spanish citizenship on the Brazilian star and free up a slot for a non-European Union player in the squad, reveals a source in the Primera Liga.

In the midst of this high-strung drama, AC Milan big boss, Silvio Berlusconi, a die-hard fan of Ronaldinho is ever ready to bring his idol into his club. But it is highly unlikely that Barcelona would let go the Brazilian football wizard.