Ronaldinho to stay put at Barcelona FC

31 Jan 2008

Amazing midfielder Ronaldinho’s days are numbered at Barcelona FC. Ronaldinho has fallen out with Barcelona fans due to his poor performance at Barcelona FC. The fans booed him and severely criticized for his poor show at the game.
Besides Ronaldinho has also had a row with striker Samuel Eto’o and boss Frank Rijkaard. Ronaldinho who helped Barcelona win the Champions League and two Ligas earlier is now out of favor with his club. Barcelona FC has decided to offload him this transfer season.

The events at Barcelona became a blessing in disguise for Chelsea and AC Milan for they are fiercely competing to lap up Ronaldinho once he is put up on board for transfer. While Chelsea is happy with the terms put up by Ronaldinho’s brother Roberto Assis, AC Milan has earmarked a £70million but said it cannot match the £11.6million a year salary Chelsea offered. Meantime Ronaldinho denied all the rumors of his sale or transfer and assured his Barcelona fans that he is going nowhere. He said, “I am glad to be here and am only thinking about playing for this outfit.”

Is Ronaldinho Finished?

31 Jan 2008

Ronaldinho the ace midfielder and once an icon of the football game worshipped by millions, is now left all alone to weep at his own demise.

Considered as the greatest footballer in the world Ronaldinho gave some breathtaking performances on the field leading his team to glorious wins. He spurred Barcelona FC to win two La Ligas and the Champions League.

Sadly the Barcelona superstar lost his magical touch and produced some of his all-time worst performances in the year gone by. This led his Barcelona fans to lose hope in him and they began booing and heckling him while he was playing.

Besides his poor show and physical injuries his love for the late night club life too sounded the death knell to his football career. Once an idol and icon in the world of football, today Ronaldinho is no longer worshipped or loved by his millions of fans. Even critics has written him off saying that he would never return to his best form and capture his glorious days.

Today what Ronaldinho needs is a miracle; a miracle that would bring back all his glorious days in football. That miracle, according to his millions of fans, is hidden in his steely resolve to plunge back into the game with vengeance and a determination to score goals and goals but nothing else.

Why are football fans crazy about Ronaldinho?

18 Sep 2007

Who is Ronaldinho? For millions of football fanatics, he is an adoring idol, whose very name brings awe and invokes respect and admiration to this twenty-seven-year-old Brazilian footballer. He is an attacking mid-fielder and plays his game in a thrilling way. His dazzling samba-like dance moments around the ball, his defense-smashing passes, the stunning free kicks and those lovely overhead shots that sends the ball reeling into the goal post have all fascinated and hypnotized millions of football lovers around the world. 
When the ball comes to him or when he moves around the ball the adrenaline in spectators rushes to their cheeks in expectation that something dramatic is going to take place. Everything happens in a split-second and then the inevitable beaming big grin baring his buckteeth make him all the more endearing to his fans around the world. This is Ronaldinho for you. This is how he plays his game wearing that disarming smile all through the game. He is a delight to watch. There are some die-hard fans who just cannot imagine a football game without Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho suing his girlfriend

18 Sep 2007

Ronaldinho’s poor performance in the world cup came under severe flak from all quarters and was even attributed reasons for his awful show. He was accused of late night parties and hot romances with the alleged French model, Alexandra Paressant. In fact in the Sun magazine interview, Alexandra Paressant spilled out the beans much to the consternation of Ronaldinho. The sexy model gave juicy details about their all-night flings in the bed like how he used to sneak out of his hotel rooms and come running to her for romping in the bed.

More than his miserable performance in the World Cup, the interview has caused much heartburn for this magnificent midfielder. In order to clear his name and come clean out of this muck, Ronaldinho decided to sue Alexandra Paressant. He said, “I am very sad to see all these stories about me in the media. Those are nothing but false information about by personal life and about an assumed relationship that could have affected my play during the World Cup. My lawyers will start the suing procedures against Miss Paressant so that my name could be cleared.”

Now it is to be seen whether Alexandra Paressant will defend her statements made in the Sun magazine or soon face the legal wrath initiated by Ronaldinho. Only time will tell.

Ronaldinho’s alleged flings with Alexandra Paressant

18 Sep 2007

Ronaldinho might not look as handsome as David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo, yet he knows pretty well how to charm his way to the women’s hearts. This dazzling footballer from

Brazil has surprisingly failed to perform in 2006 FIFA World Cup events. His miserable performance in the events has led to the speculations in the media that each and every night during World Cup matches, the Brazilian star has been wildly romancing his girlfriend, Alexandra Paressant, a French model. The news hit like a B-52 bomber, when sun magazine exploded the news. The Sun magazine interestingly published an interview with his alleged girlfriend Alexandra Paressant, who claimed that the Brazilian star used to sneak out of his hotel room during nights and romp with her in bed all through the night. She said, “so nearly every night he would come to my hotel room and we would make love all night. Sometimes we didn’t even make it into the room, we would make love there and then in the corridor. We are mad for each other.”

The truth behind Brazil’s lackluster performance in the 2006 World Cup – Ronaldinho’s flings with Alexandra Paressant???

18 Sep 2007

When Ronaldinho was criticized in the media for his lackluster performance in 2006 World Cup events, not many of his die hard fans took notice of the criticism and thought that losing or winning was all part of the game. But when the Sun magazine exploded with the news that Ronaldinho during World Cup events was sneaking out of his hotel room each night and having wild flings with his girlfriend Alexandra Paressant, the world of football couldn’t just digest it. While the so-called investigative journalists jumped into the fray to find out the truth his fans wondered how could the romantic nights have gone unnoticed by the hot-on-heels paparazzi. 

Interestingly Josh Robertson, the editor of the dashing ‘Playboy’ magazine has come out with a stunner. His strenuous investigation led him to believe that it is all fake. He has pored over thousands of photographs while looking into the wives and girlfriends of soccer players during 2006 World Cup events and thoroughly looked into the issue. He finally concluded saying, “There’s no competent news story I can find tying Ronaldinho to Alexandra Paressant. (The Sun doesn’t say how its interview with her came about — she probably just called the paper up and asked to talk to a reporter.)”

In spite of all this, the debate still rages on, whether Ronaldinho had romantic flings with Alexandra Paressant. Only Ronaldinho could tell the truth since the ball is in his court.

Ronaldinho and Barcelona

18 Sep 2007

Barcelona’s fame began to soar after Ronaldinho joined the club in 2003. He scored 14 league goals and led the club from the front; and with an unbeaten 17-match run he inspired Barcelona to finish second in the Spanish League in 2003-2004. Ronaldinho continued his amazing run in the following seasons and led Barcelona to championship wins in 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.

When Ronaldinho was in action Barcelona won 81% of points and when he wasn’t playing it dropped to 53%. When Ronaldinho joined in 2003 Barcelona had 103,000 paying affiliates and it grew to 140,000 as of 2006. This phenomenal rise has been attributed to the star performer, Ronaldinho, who won twice the ‘FIFA World Footballer of the Year’, proved time and again that he is the best footballer in the world.

Thanks to Frank Rijkaard, the Barcelona coach who transformed the Brazilian ace into an attacking player, whose job is to create opportunities and score goals rather than breaching the defense and defending. The world’s best footballer is all set to repeat his winning performance for Barcelona this season too.

Barcelona’s upcoming season

18 Sep 2007

Barcelona will start as the hot favorites for the coming Spanish league season. Frank Rijkaard, the Barcelona coach has made the club stronger in the departments of attack, defense and midfield and lined up all the key players for the big season ahead. Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto’o, Thierry Henry, Yaya Toure, Xavi, Eric Abidal, Gabriel Milito, and Carles Puyol and above all there is Frank Rijkaard, the strategist, whose main task is to spur his players to score and keep them all happy.

The Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho, who is in full form, says he feels refreshed and ready for a big season with Barcelona. He further explained, “Now everything is OK, I am ready to have a great season with Barca and with the Selecao. After two years without stopping, I have enjoyed my holidays and I have been able to complete from the beginning a good preseason with my companions in Barcelona”.

Barcelona on top of the world

18 Sep 2007

Barcelona has lined up its galaxy of stars for the upcoming season. The star team includes players like Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, Samuel Eto’o, Thierry Henry, Carles Puyol, Yaya Toure, Gabriel Milito, and Eric Abidal. These reigning football superstars have played their smashing games in the last season and spurred the hopes of millions of its fans that it is going to repeat its splendid form in the upcoming season too.

Of late Barcelona has turned out to be the biggest sensation on the football circuit. Thanks to Frank Rijkaard, the Barcelona coach for his farsighted strategies in molding Barcelona to its present status. When Barcelona plays millions of crazy fans flock the stadium and watch their favorite stars in action.

Barcelona’s soaring popularity could be gauged from the fact that more than 800 journalists hailing from some twenty countries have descended from Los Angeles, New York, and Houston and Mexico just to watch Barcelona play its rivals during the last season. Even for the practice matches more than fifty thousand fans flocked to watch the team.  But what is surprising is that these die-hard Barca fans paid through their noses to watch the practice matches. This is because the organizers of the tour exploited Barcelona’s soaring popularity and encashed it by fleecing the fans of their cash. 

True to the expectations the Barcelona team too never let down its fans and played their games in style. 

Dual Spanish nationality for Ronaldinho

18 Sep 2007

The Spaniards would be greatly delighted to have Brazilian’s ace midfielder, Ronaldinho in their midst as their own kith and kin with Spanish citizenship being conferred on him. Brazilian dazzling footballer is soon going to receive his Spanish passport that bestows on him the dual Spanish nationality.

The Spanish Football league or La Liga is allowed to recruit only three non-European members under Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) rules. These three berths were already occupied by Mexican forward Giovanni dos Santos along with the Cameroon international Samuel Eto’o and Cote d’Ivoire midfielder Yaya Toure.

Now to accommodate this Brazilian ace midfielder, it would not be wise to drop any of these three players and is also not possible legally. The only avenue available to solve this Ronaldinho riddle is to bestow the dual Spanish citizenship on the Brazilian star and free up a slot for a non-European Union player in the squad, reveals a source in the Primera Liga.

In the midst of this high-strung drama, AC Milan big boss, Silvio Berlusconi, a die-hard fan of Ronaldinho is ever ready to bring his idol into his club. But it is highly unlikely that Barcelona would let go the Brazilian football wizard.